Coolest Mater Birthday Cake

This Mater Birthday Cake was by request from my son who was turning 3. He wanted Mater and there’s no pan for that. I researched the web and found several ideas, including some from this great site.

I used 2 loaf pans with 2 boxes of carrot cake (his favorite). One loaf was left whole and the other was cut in two pieces. I put one section lengthwise with the whole loaf for the length of the truck and then stacked the other for the cab. I used a spreader/cake knife to cut the indents of the hood and truck bed.

This was my first experience with fondant so it was tough. I used thinned store bought icing between the cake and the fondant. I also did two sections on the fondant, 1 half of the cab forward and the other half of the cab back. I then placed an evenly cut strip over where the door lines would be to clean it up. I tried one whole piece and my novice skills couldn’t do it. I did find a super easy marshmallow fondant recipe on Google!

The tow boom is made of cereal straws held together with fondant and a fondant hook on a pull and peel licorice strip. The mirrors are fondant covered graham sticks. The wheels are the ever popular chocolate donut. The air breather is an upside down fondant covered Reese’s peanut butter cup accented with cut spice drops. For the final step, I used a new paint brush with food color and water to dirty him up.

He was very excited and I got lots of compliments. He was a little sunk because I refused to use the pound cake that was recommend since no one here likes it but the sag suits Mater anyway.

Thanks for this great site and all the ideas that helped my son get his Mater cake!!