Coolest Mater Birthday Cake

My son just had his 3rd birthday and is a huge “Cars” fan so I decided to make him a “Mater” cake. I started off with two sponge cakes 12”x8”. I used one for the base then the other I cut for the front bonnet and then for the back tray. I used royal icing, only because it is a thicker icing. I then added cocoa to the icing to get the colour I needed. I covered the whole cake in the chocolate icing. I made from paint programme the door panels and side windows, side mirrors his face and teeth, then I laminated them so the icing would not penetrate the paper.

The side mirrors I laid face down and laid two tooth picks down that I made brown with a texta, I them melted some melting chocolate and filled in the back of the mirrors. His face I got eyes that you us for teddy making and glued them to the face. I used a button for the light and the back that comes with the teddy eye for the other side light. The hook is made up of chocolate covered liquorice held together with tooth picks. I made the crane and hook from pipe cleaners.

The light on top is just a small bell from the craft shop. Maters wheels are Oreo biscuits, I then got a wooden skewer and placed that through the cake to hold the wheels on. I made up some blue coloured icing for the sides. I got a medium cupcake shell and melted chocolate for the air cleaner and one liquorice stick in half for the rocker covers. I made up green icing for some grass then added food colour to shredded coconut for the grass look. The rest of the icing from mater I did for the road and sprinkled chocolate sprinkles on.

Homemade Mater Birthday Cake

Homemade Mater Birthday Cake

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  1. “WOW” What a cake so much detail has gone into this cake. The eyes, windows headlights and even two big teeth. The maker of “MATER” has so much talent, and obviously love of her child to create such a wonderfull likeness.

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