Coolest Mater Birthday Cake

A friend’s Mum asked if I could please make her daughter a Mater birthday cake for her 18th birthday. This would be a huge undertaking on my part, as I like things to be done as authentic as possible, and his Rigging concerned me greatly! All I could say, was I would “try” to do it. I wanted to make as much as possible edible. And it was!

I had previously been on this website for instructions for a Lightning McQueen for my son, and the instructions were wonderful. So here I am to help someone else out.

I used 3 cake mixes (packet mixes, no time to make it from scratch), baked them in the correct sized tins, waited for them to cool, then froze them. Freezing the cake makes it easier to carve.

While it was cooking, cooling, and freezing, I drew up a scale model of Mater, from all views. I could then start to work on all the attachments. So the rigging was my first concern. Paddle Pop sticks and wooden skewers did the job. Then wrap with rolled out icing. For the cable, I used piping cord (available at any sewing suppliers). Looking back, I should have started all of this earlier. I only started 6 days out. All the add-ons can be done well in advance to allow time to dry hard! You can use the ends of straws for circles. Wafer sticks were used for the front, from the lights, down the side, to the door.

I cut and shaped the cake. Then covered in butter cream, then white rolled out icing. Once the icing had gone hard (I left it overnight) I could then start painting him. Slowly, layer by layer, he came together. Don’t try to get the correct color first go, I think I put about 4 or 5 layers of color on him to achieve the right look.

Royal icing was used to ‘glue’ everything together, write on the door, and add features like door handles, the mirror joins, and bolts on the wheels. Fudge icing (from the cake mixes) was used on the cake board, with biscuit crumbs forming the sand.

All in all, the response was AMAZING to say the least. I hope you can find what you need from my info.




3 thoughts on “Coolest Mater Birthday Cake”

  1. This cake is so amazing! I’m a huge fan of Cars and he looks perfect! I’ve seen so many other cakes like this but none looked as authentic as he does.
    Great job and I hope you win!

  2. I have had the privilege of seeing most of Carolines’ FANTASTIC cakes, and without a doubt Kaz is one of the BEST cake decorators around!

    Excellent job! <3

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