My son wanted a Cars and Mater tall tales party! I got the ideas for the Homemade Mater Birthday Cupcakes from this website and my own. I made two 8″ round cake, 1 chocolate 1 vanilla and strawberry filling then iced them with buttercream (from Wilton recipe) to decorate. I used white frosty around the cake, then tip 20 for big border, tip 12 to make black squares around the cake, tip 16 top border and black frosty on the top.

I used a spatula to spread it around and finally used my son’s toys (we washed them before used it) add flag for decoration. For the mater cupcakes I used 1 box vanilla cake to make 14 regular cupcakes and 14 mini cupcakes, 1 can of chocolate frosty and candies to decorate ans marshmallows for the teeth.

My son loved the cake and the cupcakes were a hit at the party.