Coolest Mater Cake

The Mater Cake was for my best friend, she requested it as a surprise for her car enthusiast husband.  It was his favorite flavor, red velvet, fondant covered and hand painted.  I made this cake as well as being a bridesmaid that weekend. So on top of my regular work schedule,  getting hair, makeup, and nails done I was in the kitchen baking cake and making fondant all from scratch.

The cake was hand carved into the general shape. I used cereal treats to make the towing gear on the back, tires, and fenders.  The hardest part for me was covering the rounded edges and not overlapping the fondant.  The hand painting took a little over an hour and a half, but I think really made the cake pop. I added finishing touches with licorice and dots candy.

When I delivered the cake my friend was in awe and to tell you the truth so was I.  I have never had a formal bit of training or taken any decorating classes.  When she ask me to do it I was wasn’t sure how it would turn out. Needless to say it was the talk of the party and the birthday boy didn’t even want to cut it.  That may have been the hardest part for my friend was cutting into it.  I hope you enjoyed my story and the pictures of my cake.