Coolest McBirthday Cake

My daughter’s 5th birthday party was at McDonald’s, so I decided to make her a happy meal cake for an extra special McBirthday.

This McBirthday Cake was a simple 9×13 double-layered cake (chocolate and vanilla) with butter cream icing that I made in red and yellow McDonald’s colors. The only non-editable items on top of this cake are the drink (I asked McDonald’s for a clean small cup and lid a week prior) and the french fry bag (again, I asked McDonald’s for a new, clean small fry bag.)

The french fries are sugar cookies cut into thin shoestring strips and sprinkled with plain table sugar to look like salt. These turned out really well, as the browned edges around the tips of the cookies gave them a very realistic “fried” look.

The hamburger was really fun to make, and got the most amazed and ecstatic compliments from the party guests and McDonald’s employees! The patty itself is rice cereal treat made from cocoa rice cereal. The texture and color of the cereal, combined with the melted marshmallow that held it together made the hamburger patty look very realistic (as my husband stated, “that marshmallow looked like normal hamburger grease!” Not exactly the appetizing remark I was looking for, but I appreciated his compliment on the realism).

The bun is your basic vanilla cake. I baked each half in a small glass bowl that had a flat bottom so that each half would have just the right shape. I let the cake cook just a little longer than I normally would so that it would have that golden brown hue. Then, I glossed just a little bit of melted butter on the top and sprinkled on sesame seeds to finish. Using a small round decorator’s tip, I piped “ketchup” made of red icing and “mustard” made of yellow icing on top of the rice cereal treat patty and voila! One sweet Happy Meal hamburger!

The Ronald McDonald figure is an actual Happy Meal toy from many many years ago. I thought he would be the perfect piece to wish my daughter a “Happy McBirthday!” so I washed him up and placed him on the cake board next to her birthday message.

This cake was a huge hit with both the kids AND the adults! The kids, especially, loved getting a surprise “french fry” cookie with their cake. One of the parents even told me, “I want that cake for MY birthday!”

Homemade McBirthday Cake

Homemade McBirthday Cake

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  1. You outdid yourself! What a spectacular cake! McDonalds needs to give you some coupons for the free advertising they gained. :)

  2. LOVE the creative cake! What a great way to celebrate. It all looks so real and delish! I wish that I had a piece right now! Great ideas!


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