Coolest Mcqueen And Friends Cake

I made this Mcqueen And Friends Cake for my special boy for his 3rd birthday, really had fun making it! My first tip is, make sure you are not disturbed while decorating!

First I made the actual cake a week ahead, its Neopolitian inside. I made 3 packet mixes, one chocolate, one vanilla and one orange (which I added a little colouring to get it hot pink). I baked that all together in a big tray. I did this ahead of time and then froze the cake.

I then made the frosting. I used a butter cream one, for the green frosting a few drops colouring, for the grass I used the shredded coconut and coloured it in a zip lock bag. To make black icing, I started with chocolate frosting, then just added all colours till it got dark, it looked greyish but when set in fridge looked nice and black like tar.

The number 3 I used 1m long licorice straps for the track barriers. I cut them down a bit with a knife, then I used toothpicks to position it on the cake. I frosted the green first then stuck on the “grass” and then filled in the inside black of the track, smoothing a bit with some water on a pastry brush.

After it was done I took out the toothpicks, then the fun part was putting on the cars, which were extra presents. I found a Pixar Cars placemat (another pressie) and the background picture I used from one of the boxes that Mater came in.

My son’s eyes popped out when he saw his surprise cake. He loved it but, he got very upset when it was time to cut the cake, pleading don’t cut it.

8 thoughts on “Coolest Mcqueen And Friends Cake”

  1. We are having a 3rd birthday in August and it is going to be cars themed. My son will LOVE this!

  2. My daughter, Grace, who turns 3 in August also chose Cars, which is great because I’m doing a joint party for her and her brother who turned 1 in July, so I don’t have to worry about Bryce enduring princesses! lol The cake is awesome, and looks delicious! Thanks for giving the tips and some great ideas!

  3. I have done one cars cake already and now
    have been asked to do another one for a friend that have a little boy turning 3, do you mind if i use the road idea in the 3 shape? and that’s all is all that i will copy promise! Thank you!

  4. oh thank you…….this is exactly what i was looking for…….i have been doing different “themed” birthday cakes for the last few years and my son will be 3 this year……..i know that i am not talented enough to pull off a McQueen cake so i was looking for a “Cars” themed cake that wouldn’t be as difficult………….this is so perfect……i can’t wait to get started on it!!!!

  5. Love your cake, my son is turning 3 and you just gave us a great idea. I’m not as creative as you but I’m planning on printing a picture of it and taking it to the bakery and having it done. You need to sign up for Cake Boss he is looking for another baker for his reality show, I would vote for you!!! JP

  6. Love the cake. My son is turning 4 and love cars. I like to make All his birthday cakes and your cake gave me wonderful ideas.

  7. Fantastic cake Grace!! That has given me a great idea for my son’s 3rd Birthday next month!! Just wondering where you got the small Mac Truck toy on your cake??Am
    having trouble finding one and that is my son’s favourite character

  8. Hi, your cake looks awesome and it’s given me heaps of inspiration for my sons second birthday. Can you please tell me where you got the black and white base from and the little flags?


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