Coolest Mega Man Cake

I have a thing for making video game cakes and normally scope out the internet for ideas. Our neighbor requested a Mega Man cake and I was unable to find any online that I felt like I could replicate accurately or that would have been big enough. I decided to take a picture offline and hand carve one myself.

To start I used a 1/2 sheet pan and mixed 1 box vanilla cake with 1 box of pound cake to make it firm enough to carve. Then I took the picture and eyeballed the proportions to an outline onto the cake after it was done cooling. Slowing I started carving away the sides using a ruler horizontally to make sure I was level the whole time. Then I tinted the frosting using a mix of Wilton’s colors to get the exact shades.

After much debate on what to do with the sides I just left them plain white so that the image on top would ‘pop’.


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  1. FABULOUS! i am going to attempt this for my boy’s birthday. any tips besides the ones listed? things not to do, avoid, to make it easier? thanks!


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