Every year I’ve made my niece a cake for her birthday. This year for her 5th birthday she requested a Barbie cake. Trying to think out of the box and create something other than the traditional Ball-gown Barbie proved itself to be a bit of a challenge. To my delight I found out that one of her favorite Barbie’s is Merliah the Mermaid, and the answer to a creative cake!

The cake was a two tiered, 12” and 6”, cake. Both cakes were 3 layers of butter cake with a chocolate mousse filling. The cakes were soaked with a vanilla soaking syrup to keep the cake moist and delicious. The cakes were covered with a vanilla butter cream and embellished with purple fondant cutouts. Pink chocolate sixlets also adorned the top tier. I wrapped Merliah’s legs with rubber bands to keep them together. I then wrapped her legs with plastic wrap and lightly brushed on corn syrup so the fondant would adhere. I covered her legs in fondant to create the foundation of her tail.

By using pink and yellow fondant circle cutouts I created the look of scales, waistband and bikini top. Attaching each circle by using corn syrup as glue took time, but was worth the effort. After the tail had dried I dusted it with pink and yellow petal dust to fade, shade and give the tail a more realistic look. I stacked the top tier offset so that Merliah could sit on the top tier and her tail fin could rest on the bottom tier. I then ground graham crackers to give the look of sand. To complete the beach theme, I made white chocolate seashells. The seashells were given as tokens to all the kids attending the party.

The only thing I would do differently is to put supports inside the pink tail fin when attaching it to the tail. It fell off and I frantically had to do surgery to reattach the fin. No one was the wiser!