Coolest Merry Go Round Cake

I made this cake from the women’s weekly cake book; it was definitely a labour of love, not hard but time consuming. I bought the wooden horses of eBay! And painted them well ahead of time, I also did the ribbons ahead of time and instead of bamboo skewers I used round chop sticks. And the cylinder I used was a role from Alfoil role.

I used Betty Crocker cake mixes but I think it may have been easier to use a Madeira cake mix. The icing is orchard icing that you buy from the supermarket. You need about 5 – 6 of the soft icing, I used normal food colouring and it made it still workable. The decorations are what is time consuming, you basically do one after the other one at a time. Make sure to decorate the cylinders first and then put the horses on.

If you are making this homemade merry go round cake, make sure you have plenty of time. It turned out great I think!

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