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Coolest Mickey Mouse and Friends Cake

Over this past summer, I made this Mickey Mouse and friends cake for a school teacher along with 3 dozen cake pops to match. This was the teacher’s favorite character and I just wanted to “WOW” her!

A side note… I know many fondant haters. They hate the texture, the look, the smell and everything in between. I happen to love working with fondant because I can achieve better results. You may choose to do this cake with black butter cream instead of black fondant, it’s all up to you!

First off, I purchased the clubhouse ears and Disney characters from the Disney store. I did not have any luck finding them at any toy stores and would like to spare you the hassle of looking for them. If you had luck finding them, great!

I made a 6″ round chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting and filling. After cooling it slightly, I covered it entirely in black fondant. I purchased a 11/2″ red satin ribbon and wrapped it all around the cake. Next I attached 2 yellow candy melts in the front of the ribbon with a small dollop of frosting. I then placed the toys on top and around the cake. To secure the toys I piped green “grass” frosting all around them.

Happy Baking!  “Where glam meets gourmet”

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