A friend from church asked me to make this Micky Mouse birthday cake for her nephew’s birthday. I wasn’t sure I could do it but it was really fun once I got started. I used 2 12″ layers for the face and 2 6″ cakes for the ears. The ears are chocolate and the face is a vanilla cake with spring colored flavor burst. The black icing is chocolate butter cream and the rest is vanilla butter cream.

I used the writing tip to outline the facial features and then used the star tip make fill in. She loved the cake and said it was delicious, so I guess I did pretty good! One of the ladies I work with insisted that I make a flower cake for her mother for Mother’s Day. I have started researching exactly what kind of cakes to show her as options, but I am really excited to get the opportunity to do something that challenges my skills. Looking at butterfly cakes too.