Coolest Mickey Mouse Cake

I made this Homemade Mickey Mouse Cake for my son’s 3rd birthday and he LOVED it! Not only does it look cute but tasted super yummy too! I used 6″ pans for ears and 9″ pans for the face. Two boxes of yellow butter cake was enough to make all cakes (double layer). For the face I used homemade buttercream icing and for the ears chocolate icing topped crushed oreo’s. I crumb coated the face cake and then put in fridge to firm up. Then I iced the ears with chocolate icing (no need to crumb coat) and cut a small slice off to make a flat area to better match/fit up to the face cake.

To make moving and adjusting easier without the cake sticking to the board or plates, I put a little granulated sugar on the plate before placing the cake on it then I iced. After I placed the ears in place with the face I iced the sides of the face with Choc icing. I then cut a wax paper circle the size of the face and placed on top to protect the face from getting cookie crumbs on it. I then started covering all the chocolate icing with the crushed oreos. I didn’t have a particular method and unfortunately can’t give any tips to make this any easier. Just do whatever works for you. After that I removed the wax paper (which was easy since the cake and icing were still cool from fridge) and I etched Mickey’s face into the crumb coat freehand, then piped that with black icing. I then filled in the top part of Mickeys face that needs to be black with chocolate icing (piped it in then smoothed slightly) and carefully covered that with crumbs. Tip: to remove the extra crumbs from the cake board I used a basting brush and swept them off. Then I piped in the flesh colored icing using a medium sized star tip. For the color I used a VERY SMALL amount of Wilton copper colored gel.

Overall this cake was pretty simple to make. The hardest part was covering with the oreo crumbs. The cake was a huge hit, everyone loved it and it tasted as good as it looked!

Homemade Mickey Mouse Cake

Homemade Mickey Mouse Cake

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