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Coolest Wilton Mickey Mouse Pan Cake

I used Wilton’s Mickey Mouse cake pan to create this cake for my son Mason’s third birthday. To help get the white icing in the in between spots to go on better, I thinned it with a little water and warmed it slightly.

I also used a baby spoon with cooking spray on it to help smooth down places like his mouth and eyes. Whenever I’m doing a cake with red and/or black icing, I usually buy Wilton’s tubes of the colored icing to use on these spots because these colors are the hardest to tint. I didn’t want Mickey to have pink shorts!

I did the border in chocolate icing because I had run out of the buttercream, but it turned out to be a great hit because everyone wanted a piece with some chocolate on it. When it was time for the birthday boy to blow out the candles, I placed a Mickey Mouse shaped birthday candle on Mickey’s foot with a two other bright twirly candles.

7 thoughts on “Coolest Wilton Mickey Mouse Pan Cake”

  1. I think you did an AMAZING job with this cake. I just ordered this cake yesterday from our cake bakery and hoping it turns out this wonderful! I am thinking of asking them to add the chocolate icing around the edges – I love that! I believe they said it feeds about 25-30 but definitely depends on the style of cake (eg. if you use a heavy butter cake will be more filling)!

  2. Do you know of any sites that share these Wilton pans. This Mickey Mouse pan run 20-30 dollars on eBay. Just not in the budget right now. Thanks! You did a great job!!

  3. When I make birthday cakes for my granddaughters I NEVER buy a cake pan…it would cost me a fortune because I have 3 girls and every year they each want a different cake. I have made elmo, elephant, t-rex, blues clues, yo gabba-gabba…the list goes on. I draw a picture, which I find on the internet…lay the cut out picture on the cake, and cut the figure out…then decorate!!! The cakes come out gorgeous, I wish I would have posted my cakes. Hope this is helpful.

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