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Coolest Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Cake

My son loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and wanted a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Cake for his 4th birthday. I did search online for ideas and came up with this cake. The base cake is a 2 layer 12″ Chocolate Devils’ Food cake with Oreo Buttercream filling. The fondant is buttercream fondant using Duff’s ready made fondant (tastes great!) and also nice that it can be purchased in black.

The Clubhouse, Black Mickey head, and the Black base for the handy balloon are made with rice krispie treats covered in chocolate and then covered in fondant. The yellow foot doorway, up-slide, and Handy Balloon are 50:50 fondant and gumpaste mixed and molded into shape. The little characters came from a board game my son has, which worked out well for the size and I was able to include all of the characters on the cake. This cake was enough for 15 kids and about 15 adults with cake left over.

To get the black Mickey head and ears round as well as the clubhouse I used the Wilton Ball Pan. Dowling was used to attach the hand to the black base through to the cake, the ears to the head, and one straight through the black Mickey head, clubhouse, and cake. The cake was extremely stable and survived a half hour car ride to the party site (on my lap not in the back of a car).

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  1. Thank you for the post, I am happy you like my cake. I am not sure how to contact you :), but if you are in the Prince George BC area I can give you a hand with it. Sorry it has taken me so long to respond, I have not been on the site for a while due to holidays, so I just saw your post.


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