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Coolest Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake

After searching the net and getting ideas from other cakes, I was bold enough to try this homemade Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cake! This was my first time working with fondant icing. I keep reading reviews on how nasty regular Wilton fondant tastes so I opted for Marshmallow fondant instead. It’s very good, I bought one 5lb tub and one 2lb tub in black (and had more than enough left).

I used a 12in and 10in pans and a glass bowl for the Mickey hat on the top, lemon cake with lemon filling (very yummy). This homemade Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cake was fun to make, first I dirty iced it with buttercream frosting first, but I had a hard time rolling out my fondant, and covering the cake. I about wanted to cry when it started to crack, but then I remembered I was going to cover them up with decorations, so I decorated away.

Everything was edible except the Mickey Mouse friends (I bought them at my local Disney Store). It took me about 16 hrs, start to finish, but was so totally worth it! My 2yr loved it and it was a total hit at the party, everyone had their cameras and couldn’t stop taking pics! Yey, I was so happy with the results and I know with time I’ll get better.

Coolest Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake

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