Coolest Minecraft Cake

You want what for your birthday? Sometimes this mom has trouble remembering which video game is currently “the bomb’. My son loves this game and so I did my best to recreate the “birthday cake” from Minecraft. In the game you need different materials for crafting items so I made this out of cake and Rice Krispies. Two layers (top & bottom) are rice krispie and the middle is cake with layers of “cement” (butter cream) between to hold it all together.

Making a digital cake everything needs to be square pixels right? So I rolled out a large piece of fondant and made a perfect square then I cut out the white “frosting’ on the cake and cut upside down battlements. If it is done right the edges should meet; otherwise have a knife handy and cut away the excess. Then cut two sizes of red square fondant and randomly place on top of the cake. Whalah…..Happy 10 year old

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