Coolest Minecraft Creeper Cake

I was searching for an idea for a Minecraft cake. It was hard to come up with an idea so I looked on the Internet and was able to find someone’s invitation that showed a Creeper. Of all the characters in the video game this looked like the most simple one to make. I printed the invitation out, enlarged it to fit on the cake and then cut it out to use it like a template.

I baked a 9 x 13 cake and then frosted it with white frosting. I gently placed the template on the frosting and used a toothpick and traced the outline of the template. For the frosting I used black food coloring and then made a light gray, medium gray and a black for the blocks to give it shading so that it would appear 3-D. I then mixed up a bright green coloring for the creeper.

I started with the light gray and made the shading areas and proceeded with the other colors. I used a #3 round tip to color in the areas. For the bottom of the creeper to make it look like it is coming out of the black area I mixed the green and back and then blended it together at the bottom of the area.

My son said that it was “perfect” when I asked him what he thought. This is the best part of creating cakes is seeing how they react to the creation. His friends at the party were thought it was “cool” that his Mom made the cake.

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  1. Would you ever consider making this cake for me? I am not this artsy at all and this cake is amazing! hollyhaley[at]rocketmail[dot]com

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