Coolest Minion Cake

I made a Minion cake for a 4 yr old’s birthday. I was worried at first when I started the cake. I hoped I baked enough cakes and I did until my 15 yr old saw them cooling and decided to eat one so I had to bake another one. The next morning I woke up at 8 am ready to make this masterpiece lol, and after some coffee, I got to it. I used my own fondant recipe because it tastes better than the store brand and also is cheaper. Marshmallow recipe I found on youtube two years ago was the best one.


1kg bag of mini marshmallows

1/4 cup of Crisco

1lb of icing sugar

2tbs of warm water

Drizzle water over marshmallows put in microwave for 1.5 min and take out. After adding Crisco and icing sugar to mixing bowl on electric mixer, add marshmallows, using the dough paddle mix together. Add color if desired.  Turn onto table and knead. Usually make night before and seal in bag, this allows it to set and any air bubbles.

Cake had banana filling and iced in butter cream. Cake flavors were chocolate and vanilla. Basic recipe but a great cake always uses buttermilk in my opinion.

The cake turned out to be fun to make, putting the yellow on proved challenging but it worked out. I wrapped bottom of cake first and top separately and when I put the black on for the goggles it covered the line on the yellow. It was a heavy cake and definitely needed the support of the dowels inside.

My friends son loved the cake and didn’t want to cut into it. I will be making this cake again for a friend but I was wondering if next time I might try a minion standing up. I saw a video on it but I’m not sure if I can pull it off.

Hope you like my cake.