Coolest Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake

My homemade Minnie Mouse birthday cake design was inspired by a range that I saw on this website (so thanks to all the contributors of Minnie Mouse cakes!).

I used two 7 inch tins for the ears and a 9 inch tin for her face. I chose a chocolate sponge for the face and plain Victoria sponges for the ears to give my party guests a choice.

I used buttercream to decorate and coloured the brown using a high quality cocoa powder… it went really dark, which was what I was aiming for. Then I piped little stars all over the whole cake (as I have struggled before smoothing buttercream to look neat).

I used shop-bought coloured icing tubes for the lines and other decorations. My husband came up with an excellent idea for the bow… decorate a piece of card and pin it on, so it looks edible, but can be easily removed when you cut the cake and the kids don’t consume too much food colouring!

One challenge we had was finding a board large enough to put it on… we used a shelf from my wardrobe, covered in card and foil (to protect when you cut the cake).

Whilst this was relatively time-consuming to decorate, it was a simple design and I loved doing it! My daughter loved it and there was plenty to share with all our friends and family.