Coolest Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake

My daughter loves Minnie, and she is so hard to find ! I wanted a cake similar to the great ones I’ve seen on this site, but with a few differences. This was my first attempt with fondant, and I used Marshmallow fondant – it turned out yummy ! The cakes are double layer chocolate box cakes with strawberry filling in the middles. I also added a layer of buttercream icing over each section before assembling.

I covered the first double layer (bottom) in pink fondant, and added 3 dowels down the center for support. Then, I covered the second double layer cake with purple fondant and had it sitting on a small tray wrapped in foil. Then I set that onto the first layer. Nice ! No imploding cakes here ! It sure was heavy.

All the rest of the decorations are fondant, except for the Minnie ears, which were cut out of foam, and the bow, which was real. The banner on the bottom is also fondant, with simple black icing as the lettering – I had to refrigerate everything in stages as the fondant gets soft pretty quick. All the pieces are attached with a dab of water – once they have been refrigerated, they are on there for good ! The bottom tray is a simple cardboard with black fabric & plastic stapled on.

The marshmallow fondant was easy to make, and I stuck it in the fridge overnight before colouring it. It is really sticky, and you have to use a lot of icing sugar to keep it from adhering to your counter-top when rolling ! After a few attempts, I figured it out, and the rest was easy ! The work is all in the preparation with fondant, because the homemade Minnie Mouse birthday cake came together really quick after that.

It’s not perfect, but I thought the whole effect was great for my first fondant cake, and my little Paige loved it ! The homemade Minnie Mouse birthday cake was a hit, and even though she is only 2, she recognized it as Minnie Mouse right away. A great experience all around !

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