Coolest Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake

I made this Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake for the little girl over the road, she was having a fancy dress party for her fourth birthday and she was going as Minnie Mouse.

I made an eight inch and a six inch cake, put jam and butter cream in them, put butter cream on the outside and let it set in the fridge. Then I covered the cakes with white sugar paste and let it dry overnight. I mixed red color paste with the the white sugar paste and rolled it out as thin as I could, then I cut circles out with a scone cutter took the centers out and frilled with a cocktail stick.

Next I cut them in the middle to make a long frill and stuck them to the cake in layers so it looked like a dress. I made the head and body from marzipan which I colored with paste. Made the bow and some dots with white sugar paste and this is the end result.

Meikah was absolutely thrilled with it. Every one loved it and I may be making some more soon.

Homemade Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake