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Coolest Minnie Mouse Birthday Cupcakes and Cake

My daughter loves all things Minnie, so for her 2nd birthday I looked for a Minnie cake to make. I modeled my Minnie Mouse Birthday Cupcakes and Cake after another on this site.

I used an 8 inch round and a 4 inch spring form. I cut a small amount off the ‘ears’ so they fit nicely next to the larger cake. I tried to keep it easy for myself and used store-bought black icing. I did also purchase white icing and tinted most of it with the Wilton “Ivory” for her face (I left a small amount white for her eyes). I ended up using a Ziploc baggie for the frosting and just cut a corner off, then smoothed the icing out with a warm knife.

I bought fondant and made the bow. I should have rolled it thinner, the loops of the bows wouldn’t stay up, so I rolled up pieces of wax paper and placed it inside the loops of the bow (this was my first time using fondant). I added Wilton “rose” colored gel and the color was perfect. I had extra cake batter, and made a few cupcakes (so my kids had something to eat and not cut into Minnie right away!)

I had seen on Pinterest some Minnie mouse cupcakes, and I modeled mine after that. I frosted the cupcakes white and placed a regular size Oreo, then 2 mini-Oreo’s for the ears, and made small fondant bows. Lots of compliments!

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