My 2-year-old daughter is recently obsessed with Minnie Mouse, so I whipped this one up for her. I baked two separate cakes — one cherry chip and one yellow — in an 14.5x11x2-inch pan. I layered the cakes with icing in the middle. Then I placed a 5-inch circle in the top corners and used a super sharp knife to cut out two circles for Minnie’s ears. I used a sketch of Minnie I drew to cut out the shape of her face in the remaining part of the cake (tracing paper makes it easier; you can also print out an image online to use if you can’t sketch very well.)

I then made slight cutouts in the top of the cake for the ears to fit in. Then I the whole cake in white vanilla icing. I use black decorating icing to pipe out the facial details. I used crushed chocolate Graham crackers to fill in the large black areas (hair). Next I added a real pink polka-dot bow between the ears to top it off. She loved it!