Coolest Minnie Mouse Cake for a 1st Birthday

I made this Minnie Mouse cake for my niece’s baby girl that turned 1. I started with baking a 12,9, and  6 inch cake. The cake was 2 boxes of chocolate, 1 box of yellow and 1 box white. For the Minnie mouse hat I used the Wilton mini ball pan and covered it with some black fondant.

For the ears I just rolled out some black fondant and cut them out using the smallest Wilton round cookie cutter and put some tooth picks in them to attach them to the cake. Let them dry on wax paper for a few days. On the 6 inch cake I decorated it with the Minnie Mouse sugar candy. The 9 inch I made that with pink icing and rolled out some white fondant and cut out some dots using a icing tip to cover it. The 12 inch cake I made the little Minnie Mouse heads out of black fondant using my icing tips and pieced them together to look like that. Put a flower shape border on the cake and put some Wilton pearl candy in the center of them.

Everyone really enjoyed the cake and I had fun making it.

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