Coolest Miss Moo Cow Birthday Cake

For my son’s 2nd birthday I made him this Miss Moo Birthday Cake. I got the idea from a book that he loves to read.

I baked a large rectangular chocolate cake and cut the cow head out of the par-frozen cake (doesn’t crumble so much when it’s partly frozen).

I then drew the outline of the eyes, nostrils, patches etc. with some sewing cotton and spread chocolate flavoured whipped cream on the parts which I was putting the chocolate sprinkles on.

After the sprinkles were on and tidy, I spread the plain whipped cream on. I used thin strips of Licorice for the hair.

I found it easier to use a piping bag to do up to the edges of the chocolate parts, that way they didn’t get mixed. I then used the piping bag to draw in the eyes etc.

* Note, I decorated this cake just hours before the party so I didn’t have to refrigerate it, that way the cream wouldn’t get cold and hard and cracked.

My son said “look! a cow”.