Coolest M&M Character Cake

My 3-yr-old son loves M&Ms and that’s the cake he wanted for his birthday. I got the idea from the other M&M character cake on this site submitted by Paula S. My cake turned out a bit flaky and it wasn’t sturdy enough to stand up, so I created a support out of folded cardboard covered with foil and it leaned back instead.

I used stacked 9″ round cakes, iced then covered w/piped stars. I used M&Ms for the eyes, mouth and M but if I did it again I’d probably use icing. Due to time constraints I went with Mr Potato Head arms and feet. Mini M&Ms covered the cake board.

It definitely wasn’t flawless, but my son loved it.

8 thoughts on “Coolest M&M Character Cake”

  1. HI I am Trent, I am doing a school project on m&s’s and your cake is a great idea. Do you or any one know where I could get a Mr potato head from??

  2. Where did you get just a few white M&Ms? I have been searching high and low for these, but I can’t find them in small quantities!

  3. You can get white M&Ms in holiday bags like Valentine’s but usually specialty candy shops carry them too. I got the ones for this cake at a candy shop in our local mall. They have large bins of colors separated out.

  4. What a great cake! My daughter loves M&M’s (what almost two year old doesn’t?) and is insistent on having an “m m buh-day.” :) This is the cake I am going to use for my model. Thank you!

  5. Ellen is my “daughter-in-love”. She has baked and decorated some of the most awesome cakes for her 2 sons and niece and nephews. She is very meticulous in everything she does and it shows in all her cakes. Her Spiderman cake was equally as adorable as her M&M cake! Keep decorating those wonderful cakes, girl!!

  6. hello why don’t you put the recipe on because i was going to make it for my mum but the was no recipe for the m&m cake please send it

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