I made this homemade money cake for a graduate with an economics degree. I made 7 bundles of money but you can make as many bundles as you wish.

Step 1 – Order edible photo copies of $100 bills. I used tastyfotoart.com. They came 3 to a sheet, so I ordered 3 sheets and had 2 extras. Allow a few days for shipping.

Step 2 – Bake three 9×13 sheet cakes. Allow to cool.

Step 3 – Slice off top of cakes to make even layers. Trimming away sides, cut rectangles the same size as one $100 bill (3 rectangles per sheet cake).

Step 4 – Crumb coat each rectangle with buttercream icing and refrigerate for a minimum of 2 hours (I refrigerate overnight).

Step 5 – I used pre-made fondant and colored 3/4 package light green. Cover each rectangle with green fondant.

Step 6 – Using corn syrup and a small brush, put a few spots of syrup on top of each bundle and “glue” a $100 bill to the top of each.

Step 7 – Using an edible ink black marker, draw horizontal lines on all four sides of each bundles to resemble multiple sheets of money.

Step 8 – Color remaining 1/4 package of fondant light tan. Make “rubber bands” 1 inch wide and long enough to drape across middle of bundle and down both sides. Tack with a small brush and water.

Step 9 – Using a large spatula, carefully place four bundles on a cake board. Stack two bundles on top of the four, making sure there is cake under each bundle to support it. Place one bundle on top. See picture for bundle placement.