These Monkey Birthday Cupcakes were for my son’s first birthday party to go with a monkey cake I made. The cupcakes are made with a regular chocolate cake mix. Then I put a regular Nilla wafer for the mouth area secured with a dollop of buttercream. Then I cut a mini Nilla wafer in half and secured each half as ears to the cupcake with a dab of the buttercream.

Then it was a matter of decorating. I did the eyes with white buttercream using a #3 tip and then the same tip in black for the pupils. Then I used buttercream tinted brown (chocolate icing is a good choice for this) and used the star tip #16 to make his furry face. The mouth and nostrils were done using the black buttercream in the #3 tip. I mixed it up and made different expressions on each monkey face.

They were fun, easy and relatively fast too! Everyone at the party really liked them too!