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Coolest Monkey Cake

I made this homemade monkey cake for my son Mason’s 4th birthday. I started with baking a boxed cake mix in the Wilton monkey cake pan. I then iced the sides with white icing that I had thinned out a bit with water. All the dark brown icing is Wilton’s chocolate decorator’s icing.

To creat the monkey, I started with outlining. I filled out the dark brown areas with the small star tip. To do the tan areas, I squeezed icing in the area and then dipped my finger in cornstarch to smooth out the hands, feet, and face.

I made the eyes smaller than what is shown on the cake pan insert example, and I also smoothed the eyes with cornstarch. To get more of a jungle look, I did a big vine all around the cake and used a leaf tip to add big leaves all around. My son, who we have nicknamed “Monkey” really loved his homemade monkey cake and still talks excitedly about his monkey birthday.