Coolest Monkey Cupcake Birthday Cake

This is a Monkey Cupcake Birthday Cake that I made for my son;s 1st birthday party, which was monkey themed. The cupcakes are just made from a box of banana supreme cake mix and the icing is just a store bought chocolate icing. The cake used 26 cupcakes and two tubs of icing. The banana is a cookie that I made for the party. The monkey’s face, tail, hand & feet are made from craft foam.

One thing that really helped was when I did a practice cake a couple days before the party to make sure it was going to work out fine I traced the cupcakes on the cake board. While I had the cupcakes in position on the cake board I traced around them before I iced them so that when it came to party day I could just reuse the cake board and place the cupcakes right in the spot they needed to go. This helped out tremendously. I was able to get them placed and iced in like 10 minutes.

I iced the cupcakes with a Pampered Chef Easy Accent Decorator with the star tip. The dark chocolate is just regular chocolate and the lighter chocolate for the monkeys belly is chocolate mixed with vanilla icing (which tasted amazing)!