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Coolest Monkey Diaper Cake

I had so much fun making this Monkey Diaper Cake! This was actually my second one that I made. This time I was much happier with my outcome. I started off my wrapping my diapers with small clear rubberbands. This cake took a pack of 54 size 1 diapers.

After wrapping each diaper i took the items I was going to put inside and wrapped them up with rubberbands to better hold the shape of I was going for. I then took some curly ribbon and loosely tied the first layer together. And to better hold it’s shape I stuffed smaller items in there. I did each layer that way and then covered the curly ribbon up with a cute thicker decorated ribbon.

As I stacked the cake I placed some shredded paper under each layer which added a very cute touch. And then I added the small travel size things around the cake by holding them down with the clear rubber bands as well. I stuffed my cake with an outfit, socks, q-tips, monkey car seat strap covers, bibs, towels, monkey shaped snack cups, spoons, formula dispenser, diaper rash cream, pacifier and pacifier holder.

And the finishing touch was the cardboard cake plate on the bottom and the monkey on top and the monkey teether hanging in the front. Voila!!

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