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Cute DIY Monkey Diaper Cake

I made this monkey diaper cake for my nephew. My niece didn’t have a baby shower so I took it to the hospital when he was born Everyone was fascinated with it and all employees at the hospital came to see it. I rolled diapers that were printed with monkeys and used little rubber bands to hold. I bought a plastic platter at the Dollar tree and wrapped with tissue paper then used stickers to put baby’s name and date on the plate.

On the front I folded a onesie that says, “Introducing Me” which added a cute touch and a cute bathtub duckie. I also added to ribbons, one front and other on back, with little hand print and footprint. On the top, I used monkeys holding shampoo, lotion, and washcloths. The layers were wrapped with ribbon that says, “its a boy” and then tied with curling ribbon. The new momma loved it!


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