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Coolest Monopoly Board Birthday Cake

This Monopoly Board Birthday Cake I made for a girlfriend’s 30th birthday surprise party. Instead of following the game exactly, I made each property personalized with something about my friend. Places she’s lived, experiences we’ve shared, likes and dislikes, pets, etc. She LOVED it! It was very personal and was a gift I was so thrilled to give.

This is a 2 layer chocolate cake with butter cream frosting and Score candy bar mixed together in the middle. It was ridiculously good and surprising to all of the party guests.

The sides of the cake I left frosted with chocolate butter cream and ended up sticking the fondant money I made onto the sides. The top of the cake is one big piece of fondant. I also used fondant to shape all of the game pieces, cards, dice, light bulbs, chance question marks, free parking car, water works faucet and luxury tax ring as well as the color blocks on the top of the properties.

The rest of the decorating was done free hand with edible markers.

Coolest  Monopoly Board Birthday Cake

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