Coolest Monster Energy Cake

I made this Monster Energy Cake baking 3 different chocolate sheet cakes first. I stacked them on top of one and other and used a bread knife to cut the edges away making them longer and narrow . I then cut each of the corners off the cake (while stacked). I then froze the cakes to help make them easier to frost later.

After frozen I was able to remove each layer and ice in between using butter cream frosting. I also frosted the entire outside of the cake shaping into more of a rounded can shape. Now onto the hard part, I used 4 cans of Wilton spray mist black color this had to be done in shifts allowing the color to set and dry before applying the next spray without getting any runs or drips. I placed the cake back into the refrigerator, not freezer, to allow the frosting to set. While color and frosting set, I used this time to mix using Wilton gel colors my Monster green as well as my white and used my frosting bags and fine tips to embellish the cake just as my can of Monster Energy drink showed.

This is the end result. It was a lot of work and the guests loved the cake!