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Cool Homemade Monster House Cake

This Monster House Cake is my first cake ever, made with bread machine (my cake recipe). I baked three cakes, one chocolate and two vanilla flavors. I filled it with ‘ Argentinean dulce de leche’. I covered it with a kind of fondant, not real, just sugar and oil but tasty.

I tried to put it like a table cloth and the result was really messy but as the house had to look old and cracked it turned to work just perfect (the cake looked more real than in pictures). Then I marked the bricks, with yellow card stock and sugar dough made the windows and the door.

The tongue was made with the fake fondant dyed, green coconut instead of grass. The roof was made of something similar to the cones we use here for the ice-creams. All the wall was painted not dyed. And the worst part was that my dog ate half of the cake before the party. I almost died, but I managed to cover the damage!

From Argentina, hope you like it.

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