Coolest Monster Truck Mater Cake

This Monster Truck Mater Cake was inspired by “Mater’s Tall Tales” and was made for my son’s third birthday. I used the 3D car cake pan by Wilton and Wilton’s buttercream frosting. I used too much cake batter, and I felt the cake didn’t bake evenly with the 3D pan. (It baked way over the pan and I had to cut a lot off.)

I cut into the back of the car, to make it look more like a truck. To make the towing equipment, I used a few Lincoln Logs, regular licorice, and a twisty tie for the tow hook. Then I “glued” them together with frosting, and then piped over the towing equipment, cables and tow hook. The monster truck wheels were made from doughnuts, covered in frosting. Mater’s teeth were made from a few pieces of Trident gum. I used some extra cake to brace the underside of the car, to make it high enough to fit the big wheels. I would recommend something sturdier underneath though because the cake was very fragile.

My son loves Mater, and this was a huge hit!

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