Coolest Montreal Canadiens Ice Cream Cake

This Montreal Canadiens Ice Cream Cake is actually an ice cream cake, and the first one like it I had ever made! To make it I baked and froze 2 9×11 chocolate cakes.

First, I iced the top layer. I wanted to make it look like a Canadiens Hockey jersey. I used Wilton “No Taste Red” for the red areas of the cake. I found the logo online, printed it out and then traced it with a toothpick onto the cake. I then kept referring back to it to get the design right as I filled it in with icing. All of the icing is buttercream icing.

To make it an ice cream cake, I took the other frozen layer out of the freezer, spread all of box of chocolate ice cream over it, set the decorated layer on top, and then spread white icing around the sides to connect it all together. Because it was an ice cream cake it needed to stay in the freezer until time to serve.

It was a huge huge hit with the 7 yr old birthday boy and his family and friends.