The cake was red velvet. I made 3 boxes of cake mix. I split one box into the other two cakes so when the 2 cakes where finished I started to put the cake together with my home made butter cream. I went over the whole cake with the butter cream. I noticed that the cake was shaped in to a book and that gave me the idea of making a mothers day book cake. And when I started to cover the cake with my homemade fondant I had to make the lines on the side to make it look like the book was being read.

I sprayed it with a yellow color and then with a lightly spray of brown to follow the lines that I had made to make it look like it was an older book. Then I made a blue book mark from the fondant I had left over from making the fondant roses and I cut it in to little strips to make it look like it was stands. The butterflies where fondant as well. I cut them out of the fondant with a cookie butterfly cutter and the roses I did by taking a small ball of fondant and spreading it out with a plastic wrap to make a petal. The top color was actually done with a flesh color for the spray.

It took me bout 3 hours to actually finish the cake but it came out very good.