Coolest Motocross Cake

I made 2 cakes made in jelly roll pans frosted in the middle. Then for the ramp, I used rice krispie treats. I made chocolate butter cream frosting. For the finish line, I found a picture of the real monster finish line and edited it in my Photoshop and printed it out.

I took 2 skewers for each pole and wrapped them in electrical tape. I hole punched a hole in the sign and used fishing line to hang the motocross rider like he was jumping through the finish line. I even ‘rode’ the motorcycle on the ramp with the tires to look like rode on dirt.

I used sparklers for the candles. If you have ever been to a real motocross race, they have fireworks and big flames that go off when the guy crosses the finish line.

The boys went crazy for this Motocross Cake. My 6 year old thought it was the best!

Homemade Motocross Cake

Homemade Motocross Cake

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