Coolest Motorbike Cake

This Motorbike Cake is for a friend’s son’s 2nd birthday that had a biker theme. I used a pan (from amazon) with the motorbike outline part of the pan. I made another rectangular cake as well to make sure the cake would be big enough. I put the rectangular cake underneath and carved the corners to match the motorbike pan shape. The cakes were a double recipe homemade chocolate cake with homemade chocolate fudge icing as the filling.

I did the background first on top, with a spatula to get it flat. I should have done a crumb coating first as I did get a few crumbs in that bit but not too disastrous. I used cling film to smooth the top out with my fingers, then removed the film for a reasonably smooth surface.

The motorbike parts are mainly molded with ready-made fondant icing using the original motorbike pan to get the right shapes. To color the icing, I discovered a good trick to avoid ending up with multicolored hands. I put the lump of fondant in a small Ziploc bag with some coloring gel, and then smooshed it through the bag until blended. Also gave it somewhere sealed to sit while I made other parts of the bike. The metal parts were grey fondant sprayed after molding with silver icing spray then added to the bike when they had dried a bit. I outlined some of the fondant with white butter cream with a narrow nozzle #2 I think. And the silver balls are edible decoration that I bought in the UK. Not sure if they are available in the US. I glued them on with a little thin icing made of sugar and egg white.

One thing to watch out for this motorbike design is to put the fondant parts on in the right order so the things that are behind another part go on first. I stuck the fondant on with a little white butter cream. The ground is Oreo’s minus their insides, whizzed up in a processor, with a bit of green sugar sprinkled on as well.

The final step was to frost the sides. All done with homemade butter cream colored blue and applied with a #18 star nozzle. This only took about 45 minutes of the time!

I really enjoyed making this cake. Making fondant icing parts is an awful lot like playing with playdoh! It did take ages – probably about 6 hours for the decorating alone. The wheels were the most in-demand part for the kids. Perhaps the novelty of eating something black? The birthday boy loved it, as did his mum.

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