Cool Homemade Motorbike Cake

I made this motorbike cake for my friend Phil on his birthday as he is a motorbike fanatic. I printed an image of another cake and a motorbike so that I would have a rough idea of shape and the separate parts to the bikes detail.

I made an 8″ sponge cake filled with homemade buttercream and Raspberry Jam. I used less that 1000g of white sugarpaste for the background and used red, white and black icing for the motorbike. I pulled the black and red icing into very small sections and used my fingers to mold it into the desired shape whilst looking at my printed images.

I used white icing for all the silver parts seen and used edible powder mixed with a tiny dribble of vodka to make the paint. I finished it off with a flag made from white and black sugarpaste cut by hand into small squares.

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