Cool Homemade Cake Using Motorcycle Cake Pan

I made this Motorcycle Cake for a 9 year old boy. I purchased the pan from this site. After letting the cake cool for a few hours I cut the cake into 2 to put a layer of chocolate icing inside and then put a very thin layer of icing around the entire cake.

I heated the Fondarific ” chocolate fondant” for 10 seconds in the microwave before rolling it out and covering the cake. Then with white fondant I mixed a few different colors and cut them out to follow my cake shape. The letters are cut out of chocolate fondant. FYI, working with chocolate fondant is tricky, you have to heat it up a bit to be able to roll it out but it is also oily, so if you slightly over heat it, it burns!

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  1. Hi,

    I was looking for a cake for my husbands birthday in a few weeks. You said you purchased that cake pan, but from where? I would love to either purchased it from you if you no longer need it or if you could tell me where you got it from. thanks.

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