Coolest MotoX Supreme Birthday Cake

This MotoX Supreme Birthday Cake was made for my nephew who just turned 4. The cake in total took about 8 hours and my husband had to build a support system for it (using wood, hinges, and dowel rods).

The base of the cake is made covered in buttercream and dusted with brown sugar to look like dirt. I also used buttercream to add spare pieces of grass. The wheels of my cake are supported with PVC pipe and covered in rice crispy treats then fondant.

The body of the bike is 4 layers., 1 of rice crispy treats and 3 of cake. It is also covered in fondant. I used gumpaste to form most of the elements on the bike, including the front fender.

This cake was a huge hit!

A few tips: know your dimensions! Be sure to crumb coat your cake before applying fondant. (Crumb coating is applying a thin layer of buttercream)

My biggest tip is just have fun, play with it.. it’s not going to be perfect!

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  1. OMG that is a fabulous cake!! My son, also 4 is obsessed with Motorcycles and that is the theme I plan to have for his 5th birthday! Very nice. That takes a lot of work and patience =)

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