Coolest Mountain Cake

I called my dad to ask him what flavor cake he wanted for his birthday, so we started talking. He wanted a yellow cake with cream cheese icing, a regular sheet cake. I asked him what his favorite color was, and he said, “Hmm, well I guess blue or green. That’s really what I love about the mountains, all of the blues and greens with the scenery up there.”

BINGO! A mountain cake for my dad, since that’s his favorite place to be. I went back and forth on what sort of design I wanted to make, and since this was a smaller gathering, went with a standard size. The bottom cake is a 9×13 sheet cake, and the “mountain” cake is chocolate, baked in a doll cake pan for the shape. Placed the mountain cake on a cake board, and inserted dowel rods in the sheet cake to hold it up.

I spread cream cheese icing on the cake and butter cream on the cake board to prepare for making the river. I used piping gel, and tinted it blue. The chocolate mountain cake is iced with chocolate icing, then topped it with cream cheese icing for the snow cap effect. My dad has been talking about how much he would love to get an RV and travel in the mountains, so I found a matchbox motor home and threw that in there as well.

I bought the trees and bushes from the local cake/candy store. These worked out great, and I was very happy with how they looked, the different colors of green.

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  1. This is really a cool cake great work I know I am always looking for different things my self. You did a great job. Keep up the work.


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