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Coolest Mouse Cake

I made this Mouse Cake for my 23 year old brother.

After looking through clip art on Google images for a mouse I found an image I liked. This was the first cake I’ve made where I had to construct the cake without any guidelines or instructions to help.

I made a basic butter cake in a Lamington tin (slab cake). Once cooked, I divided it into 2/3. On the big piece I cut out the basic shape I wanted then placed the smaller piece on top. I cut away at the top piece to get the basic shape of the bottom then joined the two pieces together with jam that had been slightly warmed up in the microwave.

The top piece of cake didn’t cover the entire mouse so after I had sloped the top piece towards the front, I had to fill in the space with some of the off cut cake.

I used the left over pieces to make the ears. I cut a round section with a scone cutter (round biscuit cutter). It was a fairly thick cake so I halved it and cut off a third.

I iced the body of the mouse in grey butter icing first (just add a hint of black food colouring). I then iced the pink onto the ears first, mounted them with a toothpick, and then covered the remaining cake with grey. With the left over pink icing I piped the eyes, nose and tail.

I tried to get mint sticks for the whiskers but was unable to find any so instead I coloured 3 toothpicks with permanent marker and threaded them through the front of the cake.

The smaller piece of iced cake was done as a special piece for my 2 year old daughter but as it happens everyone thought it was a piece of cheese for the mouse.

I also ice all my cakes with the round cheese knife. It’s smaller which makes it easier to ice those smaller areas and its flat surface makes it easier to smooth the icing out.

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