Coolest Mr. Bump Cake

My son wanted a Mr Bump cake for his 4th birthday. Mr Bump is a character from the Mr Men series (books and TV show). I decided to challenge myself and make him in 3D chocolate cake with milk chocolate ganache and covered with fondant.

He ended up quite tall so I added a support layer through the middle so he wouldn’t collapse. I think he was well worth all the hours it took to create him and my son LOVED it which was most important of all!

4 thoughts on “Coolest Mr. Bump Cake”

  1. Mr Bump Cake looks fantastic,can you walk me through how you made him? I want to make one for my sons birthday in six weeks/

  2. Hi,
    I love your cake and would love to make it for my friend’s birthday. Can you tell me how you went about creating it?

  3. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you both! He ended up being about 3-4 round cakes stacked on top of each other. In the middle I placed some wooden skewers through the middle and put a board on top to support the top 2 layers. I filled each layer with chocolate ganache, carved him into an oval shape and ganached the outside as well. Covered him in fondant and that’s it! It was quite time consuming but worth it!

  4. Your cake is absolutely fantastic!
    I wish I was good at making cakes. I want to get a Mr. Bump cake by the end of the week for my girlfriends birthday. It’s supposed to be a joke cake but I can’t find a Mr. Bump cake anywhere.
    Your cake is inspirational.


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