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Coolest Mr. Whoozit Cake

This Mr. Whoozit Cake was modeled after the “Mr. Whoozit” toy for my daughter’s first birthday party. It is one large square cake with a smaller circular one on top. I used a cupcake top covered in red icing for the nose and cookie cutouts with fondant on top for the shapes around it.

2 thoughts on “Coolest Mr. Whoozit Cake”

  1. Great job Stevie! I’m looking for birthday cake ideas for my son’s upcoming 1 yr. party. He loves his Whoozit. Great idea!

  2. The cake is awesome!!! Can I ask how you decorated for the party?? My son’s nickname (just between me, my hubby, and him) is Whoozit because it was the first book his daddy read to him while still in the womb. I’d like to do a Whoozit 1st b-day party… :-D


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