Coolest Mrs Claus Cake

I made this Mrs Claus cake for our Christmas party last year and it was a hit! I used a 8″ round ball cake pan as well as one regular 8″ cake pan to make the makes – I just used regular box cake mix from the grocery store.

So to get the height, I stacked the circular cake on top of the flat cake (you could buy the actual dress cake pan, but it was around $50 so I opted for this method). Then I took one of the kid’s dolls and pulled the legs and hair off. I coloured the fondant using Christmas red colour-paste and draped it over the cake or dress part and stuck the doll in the top of it. Then, using the pattern from Wilton’s website, I cut fondant to match the size of the doll (a bit different then the specs given) for the top, sleeves and apron.

Once the doll was dressed, I swirled some white icing on her head and over her eyebrows to ‘age’ her. Then I used green icing for the holly designs on the apron and in her hair. I made her glasses out of a tree ornament wire hanger using some small pliers.

Hope you like it.

2 thoughts on “Coolest Mrs Claus Cake”

  1. This is a great idea! Never seen anything like this – but I LOVE IT! Nice work! I always wanted to make a doll cake, but I have boys so now I can make this one to share. Who doesn’t like Mrs. Claus!

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