Coolest Mulan Cake

My daughter was very interested in China and wanted a Chinese theme for her birthday. We decided on a Mulan cake but I couldn’t find any Mulan cakes out there to get ideas. So, I forged one alone.

This cake was my most simple as far as construction goes, but it took me the longest to make because of the detailed frosting. The most time was spent mixing all the different colors. It took me three tries to get the right color for her skin tone.

I’m not a very good artist, so here’s how I did it: I made an overhead photocopy of a picture of Mulan the size of the top of the cake. On the reverse side, I piped tinted piping gel, copying the lines of the image. This I inverted on top of a pre frosted base and then lifted. It didn’t come out perfect but was enough of a guideline to follow. I smoothed the frosting on her face with a butter knife frequently dipped in warm water. Then I piped all of her features with my smallest frosting tip.

The yin / yang symbols on the sides of the cake (visible in other photos) are Oreo cookies with fondant cut outs. I was very proud of this cake and my daughter absolutely loved it.

2 thoughts on “Coolest Mulan Cake”

  1. this cake is so good! I love Mulan, and I hope to try and recreate this cake. The biggest problem for me is there are no decent photos of Mulan online. Where should I look to get them?

    great job xxx

  2. I’m surprised you couldn’t find any good pictures. With a Google image search I came up with tons. Here’s a link to the one I used for the cake:

    Good luck!



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